Wedding vows guide

Wedding vows guide

Writing wedding vows is a great way to show your feelings to another partner. It is a critical moment at a wedding that will make your guests feel the real love and immerse themselves in the world of your feelings. It is also an intimate moment, so you have to be prepared to tell and show your feelings to others.

writing wedding vows

It is not so important whether your vows are Catholic or Christian wedding vows or non-religious wedding vows, because the main thing is sincerity and the feelings with which you write this text.

If you think writing your vows is a complicated process, then take your time and take it easy. I will give you tips on how to write wedding vows and show you examples of different vows. Prepare your best notebook, pen and sit in your favourite coffee shop or a cosy place in your home. Let's begin.

Traditional wedding vows template

You can take some advice from here, but your vows don't need to be traditional ones. Create unique wedding vows, and the most important thing for this is honesty and integrity.

  1. “Love you” phrase

It is impossible not to mention the most cherished phrase of the vows. It seems trivial, but it is not superfluous to recall your love once again.

  1. We are not afraid of difficulties

Life is not easy, so it is important who we will overcome these difficulties with. 9 out of 10 vows contain words such as “only with you I am ready to overcome all the difficulties of life”.

  1. Falling and take-off stories

Everyone is ready to talk about good moments, but many people keep silent about difficult periods in life. Tell and show your guests about the intense human relationship. Show by your example and yourself that you are ready to experience every moment of life together.

  1. Promises list

A traditional vow exists for the couple to share promises in front of witnesses (guests). Include in vows not just a list of all the promises of the world, but those that you are willing to keep throughout your life together with your loved one.

wedding vows template

Tips for writing wedding ceremony vows

  1. Get ready in advance

Start writing at least two months before your wedding. Firstly, you may not be able to write everything at once, because you need inspiration for such a case; otherwise, you won't see sincerity. Secondly, you will need to learn it very well, which also takes time.

  1. List of ideas

There is no need to try to make a final version immediately. I advise you first to write the main thoughts that spin around in your head, then make a full story and text out of it.

  1. Include the main feelings

It happens that you start writing and a whole stream of endless emotions and feelings pours out on paper. It is good, but your vows can drag on into an entire book, and for a moment as fast as a wedding, it is not the best option. Choose only the most important and logical thing.

  1. The main thing – feelings and sincerity

Trivial or not, is not essential. The main thing about vows is the feelings you show and the sincerity with which you tell everything.

  1. Add some humour

You can dilute delicate feelings with humour and make funny wedding vows. Tell the amusing story of falling and taking off, or promise not to smack on food or snore too much in your sleep) In general, good humour never spoils the story. 

  1. Insert your favourite phrases

Read poems, novels or watch romantic films. They are the main source of inspiration for the beautiful phrases that will complement your vows. Don't forget that there is a limit to everything, so don't abuse the phrases you learn.

  1. Don't forget about aesthetics

Think out what the vows will look like at the ceremony. Maybe it will be a book you will be holding in your hand or a sheet of cardboard or just a napkin. In general, this is a time for creativity. The main thing is that it looks in harmony with the theme of your wedding.

  1. Keep your vows a secret

Your partner must not see the vows before the wedding ceremony; otherwise, everything will turn out fake. Your words can suddenly cause a tear or make your partner laugh, that's the main thing.

tips for writing wedding ceremony vows

Wedding vows examples

If you don't understand what to start with and how it should look like, here are a couple of examples for you to look at. 

  1. Funny wedding vows

You can start with funny vows like this:

  • you're even better than fries and the most delicious chocolate cake;
  • I promise always to walk both you and our dog;
  • I will trust you so much that I will even give you the keys to my favourite car and credit cards at any time;
  • I promise to clean the flat as soon as I see your hair on the floor or in the bathroom;
  • only you will be my favourite football team now.
wedding vows examples
  1. Romantic wedding vows

You can include phrases like this in your vow:

  • It's you who always makes me smile. Only with you I am in a good mood, and the sun always shines, even in the darkest of weather;
  • I see you as strong and brave; I see you as real and sincere. I choose you, my favourite person;
  • It's good to not only laugh with you but also to cry. I'm ready to share the worst moments of my life with you because there's nowhere without them. Only with you, I can survive anything;
  • for me, you are not only a loved one but also the best lover, friend, teacher and the most responsive person on earth. I have found everything in you that I have dreamed of;
  • they say that ideals do not exist, but if they do not, then who are you? 
  1. Modern wedding vows
  • you are worth spending time with only you, to travel with only you, to cook dinner and watch with only you. I can only be with you;
  • I promise to share everything I have with you. I will share my energy, my mood, my time with you. You are the only one I trust with everything I have. With you, I am not afraid of losing anything;
  • only you can make me laugh when it's simply impossible. I am ready to laugh from your not always successful jokes;
  • today, I am ready to promise to be with you for the rest of my life. To be in grief and joy and to experience difficult times in life only with you;
  • I promise to be your support. We will only solve our problems together. I promise not to throw you in a difficult moment but to extend a helping hand.

You can write examples forever and ever. The oath should be unique and from a pure heart. The main thing is that the vow does not have to be only funny or only romantic. You can add everything to it just to make it real and sincere.

How long should wedding vows be?

There are no exact time limits. But reading an oath for ten seconds or two whole hours per person is not an option either. On average, 1-2 minutes per person. Make the volume of your vows so that your guests do not fall asleep, and you do not get tired of reading. If you have a lot to say, put away intimate and personal lines for later. Write only the most essential things for you. I recommend that you check the volume with your partner so that it is approximately the same.

romantic wedding vows
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