Wedding ring finger

Wedding ring finger

He proposed to you to become his wife. Your engagement ring is already on a ring finger. It won't be long before the wedding day takes place. But what do we know about rings? Why a fourth finger or another word, ring finger? Who came up with this idea? Let's figure this out!

a ring finger

What is the meaning of a wedding ring finger?

A wedding ring finger is called a fourth finger on which you often see a wedding or/and engagement rings. The meaning of a ring has been formed historically. Even in ancient times, there was such a thing as wedding rings.

a wedding ring finger

Let's deepen the wedding ring finger history

Ancient Egypt is considered the place of the first birth of rings. At that time, the rings were used as instruments for seals putting on, and then they were used as jewelry. Rings might be used to determine which class its owner belongs to. The gold rings were worn by the rich and the clay by the poor. By the way, in those days it was more popular to wear rings for men than for women as they showed their status.

Then the young man could bring the ring to his girlfriend's house and present the ring to her, which meant that this girl belonged to him, offering the girl to marry him.

The ancient Romans and Egyptians believed that your ring finger contains a vein that goes directly to the heart. This vein is known as a vein of love. Since then, the ring finger tradition with a vein of love has appeared, but the medicine has made significant progress, and now we may call such “ring finger with vena amoris” absolutely all fingers with veins that run to the heart.

the wedding ring finger history

The right ring finger and left ring finger tradition

Which is the ring finger better? The finger of the right or the left hand? Yes, it is clear. Everything is individual. Some people choose to wear rings on the right hand, and some choose on the left hand. It is up to you, which is ring finger better for your ring. But many people continue to wear engagement rings or wedding rings only on one of their hands. Why do some wear a wedding band or engagement ring on the right hand and others on the finger of the left hand? Yes, you're right. It's all the fault of tradition again. In different countries, for example, in India, there was a belief about a left hand. India's people believed that a left hand attracts evil spirits, so it is considered a dirty hand. That's why they have a tradition of wearing a wedding ring on the right hand without accepting the “left” ring.

Some may combine rings wearing. Women may wear rings both on the left hand and the right one. For example, the Germans wear an engagement ring on their left hand, and after the wedding ceremony, they put the wedding ring on their right hand.

Jews have their index finger as the main finger for the ring. After the wedding, the girl may put her wedding ring on the right ring finger.

People from Latin America and Western Europe are used to wearing a wedding band mostly on the right hand. While Canadian, Australian American girls have an engagement ring and wedding ring on their right ring finger.

Despite the traditions, you are free to choose what ring finger to wear your beautiful ring on.

 ring finger tradition

A wedding ring does not equal an engagement ring

A wedding ring is a band that you put on one of the ring fingers during the wedding ceremony. Wedding rings symbolize your marriage and your official family creating. In its turn, an engagement ring is presented by a man during a marriage proposal. You may wear your engagement ring on the fourth finger, which means that you soon get married. So, wearing an engagement ring indicates acceptance, while a marriage ring means agreement.

Wedding rings finger putting on. Obligatory or not?

Let's start by finding out your status. Have you got a wedding proposal, or maybe you are married? Are you searching for a soul mate?

If you get a wedding proposal, the engagement ring is considered a symbol of agreement to become someone's wife. You are free to pick out whether to wear an engagement ring or not but don't upset your boyfriend, who tried hard with the ring choice.

If you are already married, and you have not lost the desire to wear wedding ring after your wedding ceremony as a devotion sign, then your family relationship is powerfulJ

When you search for your ideal partner, I think that an engagement ring wearing or a wedding one will be illogical. With a wedding ring wearing you promise fidelity to someone. It is not your case. Ring wearing reduces the chance of finding someone drastically.

However if you are still wearing a ring after the wedding, it does not mean that you still adore each other. A ring can not make you fall in love or make you break up. It's just a decoration on your hand.

So we can respect each other and feel love without rings.

Wedding rings finger putting on

By the way, many people find it inconvenient to wear rings. We can't blame them for less love or less respect.

The most trendy wedding and engagement rings

Today in jewelry stores, you may find a vast selection of engagement and wedding rings. Sometimes it is difficult to choose not only which ring finger is better for your ring but also what a new engagement ring or wedding ring to buy. You can even make your custom ring choosing the metal and type of stones. I want to suggest to you the list of the most trendy rings.

Engagement rings types:

  1. Traditional engagement ring

The most classic and traditional engagement ring looks like a stone-a diamond in a small “pearl”. The trend of all time.

  1. “Tiny diamonds” engagement ring

This engagement ring consists of tiny diamonds that are located around the entire ring circle—an excellent variant for those girls who do not like “convex” parts on jewelry.

  1. “Three stones” engagement ring

The diamond engagement ring is similar to the first variant but includes another two stones on both sides. You can make the central stone bigger or pick out the stone of another color.

engagement ring

Wedding rings types:

  1. “Trad” wedding band

It is the most classic option of a wedding band that looks like an ordinary ring without diamonds made of any metal. You may unite two types of metal to create your wedding ring. Gold and silver are the most trendy metals for a wedding ring.

  1. “Diamond ring”

The wedding ring is a band with small inserted diamonds. It is very similar to the first variant but a little further from the classics.

  1. A wedding ring with an inscription

A cool option for couples who want to add something special to his wedding ring. Maybe you were inspired by a quote from a love poem, or you want to save your key-note date. Choose any metal and the inscription you want to on your two rings.

wedding ring with an inscription

May I wear two rings simultaneously?

wear two rings simultaneously

Yes, you may wear your engagement ring and a wedding one, even on the one-fourth finger. Usually, women prefer to wear a wedding ring first, then put an engagement ring on top. So this way, they emphasize the great importance of the wedding ring.

Some women wear a wedding ring on the left hand (or the right hand, depending on the traditions) and an engagement ring on the other hand but on the fourth finger.

So, don't make hasty decisions and choose the ring of your dreams!

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