Wedding rentals or purchases

wedding rentals

One of the most pleasant and long-awaited events is coming soon-your wedding day! The preparation for it may seem not very easy and not as enjoyable. Especially in realizing how much money is needed. It all ends with simple questions: what to buy, what to rent, how to save money, and where best to invest. In many cases, wedding rental decorations may cost less than buying them, but what about things that will remind you of this fantastic day. I will show you what is better to buy and what is better to rent to save your money. 

wedding decor for rent

What is better to buy

Wedding dress

It is the best option if you are going to keep a dress as a lasting memory. You may choose a more classical and not white (cream-colored or milk color, for example) dress to wear for festive occasions in the future. Many prefer to bespoke a wedding dress to get an ideal clothes that fits your body perfectly. In such a way, they get a dream wedding dress. Of course, renting a bridal gown is also a suitable variant if you are sure that buying an expensive wedding dress for once is a silly idea.

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Wedding accessories/jewelry

It's better to purchase a handbag or clutch bag and heels of a pleasant and unobtrusive shade to combine with other outfits from your wardrobe in the future.

There is no need to buy a necklace or earrings for a substantial sum of money. Select those that are suitable for your image but not for showing everyone how expensive it is. 

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This case is similar to a wedding dress: it is better to buy (or bespoke) your suit to wear in the future than renting a tuxedo that doesn't fit you perfectly. Buy attire that you will wear separately and combine with the other clothes in your wardrobe—for example, black trousers and a green velvet jacket. On the one hand, it will be your most prized costume, which you can put away in a wardrobe and forget about, and on the other hand, you can continue to wear it and look impressive at other parties. Change the shirt, belt, tie, shoes, and you're ready for a second look.

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Neon illuminated signage

If your wedding decor presupposes illuminated signage, then it is better to buy it to decorate your house after the wedding. It will be a nice reminder about your significant day, the part of which you save in your hearthside. Sometimes buying the signature can be cheaper than renting it.

wedding china rental

Ceremony carpet

Rugs can be the right choice for a “ceremonial path” if your wedding is designed in rustic style or just outside in the garden. Then place the rugs into your house as a commemorative wedding mark to make your house cozier.

wedding rental decorations

Wedding decor for rent 

Renting dishes for wedding

I think that сrockery is in the first place among renting wedding centerpieces. If you don't like the crockery offered by the venue where your wedding is to be held or the wedding will be outdoors, I advise you to have a wedding china rental. Why? Because it is more beneficial than to stockpile all bought dishes and the cutlery including in your kitchen after the wedding day. Or do you have another event coming up with that many people?

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There is no need to buy all furniture if the wedding venue offers you the main of it-tables and chairs. But if you desire to have more and all furniture should be in one design or your wedding will be placed outdoors then the only sensible way out is to have renting chairs for the wedding with tables etc. Think about the seats for guests to rest in the dance or “lounge” zone or padded seats in the garden with a coffee table to let your guests talk with each other away from the noise.

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Wedding chandeliers rentals

Think about additional candles and chandeliers to get a more pleasant warm light. Of course, you may buy it, but are you sure that you need so many candles with hardened wax or chandeliers that you will have to place somewhere after the event?

renting wedding centerpieces

Wedding vase rentals

You probably hire a florist to organize your wedding flower world better than you have an opportunity to rent vases, too, as many florists offer “jars” to install the flower compositions. They even place the compositions themselves, bring them into the wedding venue, and then take them away after the event. Read about wedding flowers to find out more about what flowers for a wedding to choose and how a florist can help you decorate your wedding.

wedding tent rentals

Wedding tent rentals

Renting tents will be an excellent option for the wedding if you plan to hold the events outdoors. You may choose one large or several small ones, depending on how you want to seat your guests. Think in advance about the need for chandeliers, fans or heaters in the tents. 

wedding chandeliers rentals

Wedding drapery rentals

You need a considerable amount of fabric to decorate the chairs, tables, the newlyweds seating area, and the marquee (if you have it). In general, it doesn't matter what color your wedding decorations and venues are – you'll need fabric anyway. If you can't find a future use for it in your house, it is better to rent. 

wedding drapery rentals

Fans or heaters

I can't call it a wedding decor rental but take it into account while making a “rental for a wedding” list. Your guests should feel comfortable and free at your wedding. That's why it is essential to create the appropriate atmosphere that your guests and you will remember for a long time. If it is summer, then rent more heaters; if it is deep fall or winter, then think about more fans for the guest to keep warm. You may rent wedding equipment on the Internet where there are many good options. Take into account the place of your wedding so that the rental location is as close as possible.

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