Top 10 wedding line dances songs

popular wedding line dances songs

There is nothing better at your wedding than dancing or cheerful guests because they are the ones who add cheerfulness and enthusiasm to all those who are not yet with you or perhaps a little humble.

Traditionally, wedding guests are considered to dance either in groups, i.e., group dances and in-line dances, i.e., wedding line dances. If we take the formalities away, it's not important how the guests dance. The thing is- everyone has fun, and that's all. We are going to discuss the details of the funny wedding party! Do you know the best and popular wedding line dance songs?

best wedding line dance songs

Why are wedding line dances songs so popular?

famous wedding line dance songs

I think that everything works here as well as with classical literary works. If you haven't read it, then you're out of the topic at all. Weddings are an event where you get to meet an unknown person. it's a hundred percent case. They are popular and classic wedding songs that can unite you. And now you're dancing in one “beat.” Even when it comes to close friends, it is a great way to have fun and feel the same rhythm. The party was a success!

What are the popular line dances songs?

good wedding line dance songs
  1. Dance songs like cha cha slide

The principle is to move slowly. It is quite a specific type of dancing songs for weddings, as at weddings you usually want to dance more intensely. It does not contain any complex movements. A couple of simple ones, and that's it. Slow pace music will allow you to come up with your own movements as well. So the freedom of individuality is ensured for you.

Mr. C the Slide Man- Cha-Cha Slide
  1. Dance songs like cupid shuffle

Such types of wedding line dances are almost the same as previous slide dances (cha-cha). The same line dance with similar body movements, but more energetic. The classical song is “Cupid Shuffle” by Cupid. It is like a more trendy and fashionable alternative to the “Cha-Cha Slide” song. It ranks a “top place” among popular songs.

The song's release happened in 2007 and immediately became a wedding hit.

  1. Dance songs like macarena

Macarena by Los Del Rio was released in 1993. The song is still popular in Colombia, Spain, Puerto Rico, and all over the world. The movement here is one of the simplest. The hands, legs, head, and hips are involved so that you can warm up the whole body.

  1. Well-known “chicken dance” song

The song was created in 1950 by the Emeralds. It looks like a dance craze song that became so trendy in the whole world. Even children will have to like this dance. Everyone seems to know it! I think the description is out of place here.  Just look at it.

  1. Locomotion dance song

A hit of 1962 that was recorded by Little Eva, a famous American singer. Today we can find lots of covers for this song, that's why this song may be considered a world one.

Recommend 31 Best Wedding Line Dances and Songs in 2022

  1. Michael Jackson's “Thriller”

I can't say that this song is for “the soul and lightness.” Movements here are complicated, unlike “Macarena,” for example, but this dance is not uncommon at such events as weddings. But you can't count Jackson fans on your fingers. They are everywhere! So, it is up to you whether to include this dance line song into your wedding playlist or not.

Hip-Hop Line Dance Songs

line dance songs at wedding

If we talk about hip-hop music, I can say this wedding line dances music is not to everyone's liking. Mainly young people are fans of this genre. On the one hand, a wedding is often an event where guests of all ages are present, and sometimes it is better not to include such songs on your wedding playlist. On the other hand, a wedding is an event where young people can dance hip-hop, and then older people start to dance “Macarena.” The best option for this group dance song for the wedding is in the form of a youth party. Well, while you're thinking about including or not including hip-hop songs in your wedding playlist, I'm going to show you some classic hits of this music trend.

  1. “Con Calma” song
The song was written by Daddy Yankee & Snow

Perhaps one of the most well-loved dance music of 2019, which “blew up” all the charts. The track is entirely energetic in its classic Spanish style.

  1. “Wobble” by V. I. C.

The dancing track contains energetic trendy movements with elements of shaking and wobbling. Even if you are not aware of this dance's movements, take it easy as “swinging” and “flinching” are popular movements without any preparation.

Country dancing songs

country wedding line dance songs

Among the wedding popular line dances song, country music is always an excellent option because country music is still fun, lively, and energetic. You don't have to memorize any particular movement or stand in a specific place to do certain movements. With this music, the dance place is in chaos, and guests have fun.

  1. Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex

Do you want to gallop a lot? Then this classic country song is for you! It is quite a popular group dance wedding song. It is very often included in out-of-time weddings.

  1. Old Town Road (by Lil Nas X ft. Billy Ray Cyrus)

A true country representative. The tempo and rhythm won't make you sit still. Stand up and go dancing with everyone.

Recommend 100 Line Dance Songs for Weddings 2022

What about the ideal line wedding dances?

current wedding line dance songs
  1. Trendy song choosing

I think it is not difficult to find a trendy and everyone's favorite dance song. Make sure that all people at your wedding can dance to it.

  1. Guest informing

If the hit's movements are not well known, you can send out training videos before the event to inform them.

  1. Be a leader

Your couple is considered to be “examples of movements” for guests. So go ahead, and the others will follow you.

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