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average cost of wedding flowers

Does wedding flowers cost play an essential role in wedding planning?

I think that every girl will agree with me that one of the leading interior decorations on any day is flowers. And if we're talking about weddings as one of the main events in your life, you need to make every effort to make everything look real aesthetically beautiful, and you shouldn't forget about lovely future photos. Bride's bouquet, boutonniere, bouquets for maids of honor, ceremonial flowers, reception flowers, cake flowers (and that's not all) are included in the wedding flowers cost. Flowers take up a relatively large part of the budget. You should think about it properly to organize your wedding without unpleasant consequences. We will help understand this issue better and answer such questions as the average cost of wedding flowers, taking into account different types of wedding bouquets, which flowers are best suited for your wedding, and whether a florist can help you to save money? Let's go!

average cost of bridal bouquet

What is the average cost of flowers for a wedding?

If we talk about flowers in general, the average cost for wedding depends on many factors, such as which flowers will be the priority, are these seasonal flowers, in which quantities are you ready to use them and which areas will be the priority for you in your decoration?

To make a really good wedding, you have to allocate about 8-10 percent of your core budget. On average, couples have spent between $7,000 and $12,000 on wedding flowers. 

average wedding florist cost

Separate cost of various bouquets includes:

The average cost of a bridal bouquet

Again, everything depends on the type of flower composition and the value of the florist's services. But if we look at the statistics, for most girls, the bridal bouquet cost is about 180 $-220 $.

The average cost of a bridesmaids bouquet

Bridesmaids are also one of the central figures of a wedding, which gives more colors to the overall picture. Try to match the bouquets not only with their outfits but also with the style of your wedding. Your bouquet elements should be there, which will give the event more harmony and entirety. Bridesmaid bouquets are certainly cheaper than bridal ones, which is why they cost about 70-120 $.

Average boutonniere costs:

I think the boutonniere is the cheapest flower at your wedding, as usually, it is not a bouquet but only one flower or a flower with a twig, depending on the composition concept. So, the average wedding flowers cost ranges from 30 $ to 40 $.

Average reception flowers price

Reception flowers include the central part of the main table decoration and the central part of the guest table decoration. The average wedding flowers pricing of the main table may reach 80-150 $, while an average pricing of the quest tables flowers elements ranges from 100-400 $.

Average ceremony flowers price

This price includes: petals, altar flowers or arch flowers quests' chair backs flowers. These elements are the main cost of your floral decoration. In the case of outdoor registration, the decoration of the registration arch has the highest price. So, the average wedding flowers cost of the ceremony decoration ranges from 700-1500$.

average cost of flowers for a wedding

What can a florist do for you?

  1. To consult or to advise

He/she is the first person who can advise you which flowers to choose for a particular season and can offer options for a specific price category.

  1. To prepare sketches

The florist will always make sure that you have a full understanding of what the compositions will look like, where they will be placed and how everything will look harmoniously, providing samples or graphic design sketches of your wedding décor.

  1. To take care of the flowers.

The florist will place them in specific storage areas, watering them if necessary, etc. The flowers will not wither and disappear, and the money will not be wasted. 

  1. To create wedding bouquets.

Finally, it is the florist who creates bouquets and compositions from different flowers. It is the florist who decorates all the elements of your wedding. It takes a lot of time to make a composition, and if it's not just one thing, you can imagine how much time it takes! So the work of a florist is not so “cushy.”

  1. To clean up everything.

You already have enough to worry about. You do not need to think about where and how to take and clean everything after the event. Your florists will take care of it.

The most important question here: how much is a wedding cost of a florist. So, the average wedding florist costs about 750-1300 $. Take this into account when planning your budget and expenses for organizing your long-awaited event.

bridal bouquet cost

Five ways to cheap wedding flowers cost

  1. Seasonal flowers choosing

The ideal way to save money is to choose seasonal flowers. In winter, of course, the choice of flowers is less, and the cost of flowers that bloom in winter, for example, the windflower, is mostly higher. But if you use all cut flowers, the flower can wither quickly in the heat. 

  1. Cheap flowers choosing

It's considered that freesia, daisies, gypsophila, carnations, cornflowers are cheaper than, for example, peonies, hydrangeas, garden roses, dahlias, or gardenia. You can mix both or more.

  1. Greenery additing

I think that it is a good option, as greenery is not high at its cost and is an indispensable element of any flower compositions.

  1. Other things additing

Candles frames lanterns books are an exciting find for additional decoration. You will not have to buy more flowers, but you can use other decorative elements that can make your compositions more unusual and creative.

  1. Several locations concentration

It means that you can pay more attention and decorate the arched area(in case of an outdoor wedding) where the wedding ceremony will take place, and it is, in fact, the central wedding location. Or your florist can move some of the compositions to the guest area or reception one after the ceremony. 

wedding flowers pricing
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