Wedding dress code types

Wedding Dress Code

We will help you pick out a wedding outfit for any theme. Read our wedding attire options guide and choose from wedding dress codes that will blend perfectly with the wedding party atmosphere.

a wedding outfit for any theme

The most common wedding dress code ideas

White tie wedding attire

It is the most formal style. It is unlikely that your friends or acquaintances will mention this dress code on a wedding invitation only if the queen herself has invited you to the wedding or you will win an oscar award, and you should be present at the award ceremony. You have already understood how official and serious this style is. But such weddings are not uncommon, so you should know what to wear.

wedding dress code ideas

For men: black tailcoat, only white vest with three buttoned-up buttons, white bow tie, and white gloves with a thin cane(the last two are optional.)

For women: an evening gown, long white gloves, high heel shoes. Decorate your hair with a hairstyle and make evening makeup. Bring a small purse or clutch bag with you.

Black tie wedding attire

This dress code is a formal one but is lower in stringency. This dress code is the most popular at official receptions, red carpets, or theater. It is the most suitable option for the wedding's ceremonial part (as a formal attire too.)

For men: a tux with silky lapels, white shirt, stripe trousers, derby or oxford shoes(except for lacquered shoes), and black tie or dickie bow

For women: you may wear a shorter dress, but not above your knees; jewelry, and obligatory heeled shoes.

Black tie wedding attire

Formal attire

Formal attire can be a city hall wedding dress code. It's not quite natural yet, where you can afford a casual style, but it's not the red carpet either.

It's the same black tie, but it's even less solemn: you can do without the dinner jacket. This dress code is suitable for the ceremonial part of the wedding and the rest of the evening. In this way, it is possible to keep a festive and comfortable style during the wedding party.

For men: dinner jacket or dark suit, black tie or with a calm and discreet tint, white shirt and classic men's shoes (here the choice of materials and shades is more diverse than in the previous dress code.)

city hall wedding dress code

For women: floor cocktail dress or midi length, but not above the knees; hairstyling is not necessary; you can make simple curls and let them done. A jumpsuit or trouser suit would also be a great option as attire for weddings. An ideal choice would be closed high heel shoes or Louboutins with a pantsuit.

Cocktail dress code wedding

This style is reminiscent of a semi-formal wedding dress code. It is a balance between officiality and a beach style—an excellent variant for weddings both in the open air and indoors. The style represents restraint, lightness, and officiality simultaneously.

For men: a dark suit(blue or grey) or trousers with a blazer (can be removed if necessary); a tie and bow tie are not compulsory; black or white shirt; oxfords or derby will be an excellent option.

For women: high-heeled shoes and a knee-deep or midi length dress are the best options; sundresses and short dresses are not appropriate. The look must be restrained, but not pretentious and too official.

Cocktail dress code wedding

Casual wedding attire

Casual style is more suitable for outdoor wedding dress code. If you saw a “casual style” in your invitation, the wedding will be held in the countryside: a country house, garden or beach. The wedding casual dress code means free, but not the home outfit, i.e., shorts and a T-shirt are not entirely appropriate.

For men: you can combine a jacket and trousers of different fabrics and colors (choose brighter for summer); waistcoat instead of the jacket; a tie is not required; cotton or linen shirt and chinos, sneakers or loafers, colored socks will complement your look.

For women: a light summer dress with a comfortable fabric, jumpsuit but not glittering and highly defiant; sandals or shoes in a wedge heel. You may let your hair down into ringlets or wear a bun with a flower instead of a hairpin. 

Casual wedding attire

Beach wedding dress code

Today's wedding can even take place on the beach. But that doesn't mean you have to wear swimming costumes and bring towels. If you have been invited to a beach wedding, the young couple wants you to dress in free and comfortable clothes, but with the official style retained.

Beach wedding dress code

For men: free-cut shirt and trousers(slacks for example.) Shorts are also allowed but in combination with a shirt and a light jacket, classical sandals.

For women: a light dress (long include), sandals or strappy shoes, minimum decor. 

Garden wedding dress code

Here too, clothing must be free and less official.

For men: free-cut shirt and trousers, sandals or sneakers, a blazer for a cold evening.

For women: floor-length dress, a jacket for a cold evening, wedge shoes or sandals (Heels should not be used as it may be inconvenient to wear them on the grass.)

Garden wedding dress code

4 main tips for wedding dress code

  1. Forget about white

White clothes are considered to belong to a young couple on this day, that's why try to use another color for your wedding clothes to not attract attention as a bride or groom.

  1. Forget about club style

Short dresses, sequins, and tinsel are only appropriate when the wedding party is themed. If it is not stated in the invitation, then choose a more discreet style.

  1. Choose a comfortable style

Regardless of the dress code you choose, stick to a comfortable for your option. This way, you will feel free, and your movements will not be constrained.

  1. Take into account the season and location

If you don't know the location, you can contact the young couple and ask where they will be held. But usually, if the place is not specified, then the black tie or cocktail style is implied. Don't forget that it's colder in the evening, so think about the jacket (if the wedding is in the open air.)

wedding dress code
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