Wedding checklist timeline. How can you do everything in 12 months?

Wedding checklist timeline

It seems to you that 12 months is so long! Why so much time? Well, if you don't want to do everything in the last month if you don't want to be upset that everything doesn't fall into place at the last minute, then a year is a perfectly normal time to prepare for your wedding. Steady, no stress, no rush and no extra surprises. 

Start a separate notebook so-called a wedding planner book or use gadgets to write down and mark everything in detail, and then everything will work out. 

I've designed a simple wedding to do list, that will help you cope with all difficulties before the main event of your life-a wedding.

wedding planner book

12-10 month before the event

  1. Think about the budget

The first step is the allowable budget setting. It is best to do it together, of course: decide who pays for what and whether or not your parents will participate in paying the costs. Set priorities and possibly prepare for easy savings during the year) By the way, you can start keeping a wedding cost checklist separately, which will help you avoid extra costs during the wedding preparation time.

  1. Number of guests 

It may be even more difficult than allocating a budget. I'm not kidding. I know you want to invite everyone, but it is complicated to find a place for a large number of guests, and do not forget about the money. More guests – prepare more money. Here you need to focus on who you want to see at your wedding. It is your day, which means that only your closest and dearest people should be there. Anyway, It is up to you to decide.

  1. Wedding planner

It is not necessary to hire a wedding organizer at all. But you will preferably need one, if:

  • Organization issues are not one of your strengths.
  • You have “extra” money.
  • You would instead take the time to earn money than spend it all on a wedding planning timeline.
  • You do not want to immerse completely in planning, but just have a desire to enjoy the preparation process.

So, an experienced wedding planner knows all the places where it is more profitable and better.

experienced wedding planner
  1. Theme

You may choose from rustic, garden, beach, fairy tale and other wedding styles. Make yourself comfortable and start looking through Pinterest/Instagram or any other source of images to run into a perfect theme for you. Well, if you've been thinking about getting married in a specific style since you were a child, then you've been lucky because one of the items from a wedding to do checklist has long been made.

  1. Site selection

I'll say right away that the most popular and beautiful places for weddings are already booked for a year in advance! So don't be surprised if five months before your wedding you are told that all dates are already booked. It is better to decide about the location after defining the style of the event. An important factor while choosing a venue is taking into account the number of guests. Make sure that your guests are comfortable and enjoyable this evening.

9-7 month before the event

  1. Photographer, videographer and DJ

Photographers and videographers are not waiting for your order at all. Start a wedding photography checklist to write down contacts and price for future creative work. A real and high-quality photographer or cameraman has a record for months ahead. It is best to look for photographers etc. on Instagram or wedding websites. In any case, you need to make sure of his skills and decide whether this person or team will be able to capture your instant wedding bliss as you wish.

  1. Decor wedding list

You can start viewing and purchasing the main elements of the decor. Or better yet, hire a decorator. A good decorator knows where and what to buy. If you already have some kind of vision of decor, he or she can complement this idea and offer the best option. Even the day before the wedding, you won't have to think about where to hang and where to place it or that, it is better to free up time for more important things.

At this stage, consider including a florist invitation into a wedding decor checklist. Deciding which flowers are best suited to your decor is not an easy task. A florist needs to define the types, ideal combinations and colours so that everything looks harmonious and beautiful.

wedding decor checklist
  1. Wedding dress

What a complete wedding checklist without a wedding dress! And here, too, you have to do everything in advance. Perhaps you are not going to buy it, but to sew it, then the choice of shape and fabric should be made. If you're going to buy a dress, it may not end with a one-off boutique trip. It may take months to find a perfect wedding dress.

  1. Wedding trip

If you have decided to go on holiday right after the wedding party, you should think about your holiday in advance. Book a hotel, buy tickets and calculate your budget.

  1. Dance

Ask for help from a choreographer who will teach you your first wedding dance. Depending on the complexity of the dance, you may need months to prepare. In any case, it is not easy, but the result is worth it.

 a wedding photography checklist

6-4 month before the event

  1. Cuisine and waiters

Now take the time to select the most delicious wedding dishes. Take into account the venue, number of guests and the time of the year when your wedding will be held. Make sure you arrange a test meal day to know what awaits your guests. At the same time, hire waiters to get over with a wedding cuisine theme.

  1. The groom's suit

We have decided on the bride's dress, and now it is time to buy the groom's suit. Of course, it's easier for guys in terms of clothes, but you shouldn't put off buying on the last day either. Choose a colour so that it looks harmonious against the background of the bride and the entire wedding decor.

important details while planning a wedding
  1. Lighting

It seems to be just light, but this is one of the most important details while planning a wedding! So buy dimmed light bulbs and candles in advance. Decide on the lights: which ones, where to hang and how many to buy. Both the general atmosphere and beautiful pictures depend on light, so don't forget. 

  1. Car renting

Find and book cars for guests, and don't forget about a limo or another particular car for yourself. Selecting a car will not take long, but it will already be done.

  1. Wedding rings buying

Go on your day off for wedding rings and make the right choice. Make sure that you both like them.

3-1 month before the event

  1. Cake

The hardest part is already behind us. Now it's time to finish the small details. I advise you to choose a cake from tried and tested confectioners. Look at photos of works and read reviews. And don't forget about harmoniously cake decorating, as it should fit your theme wedding.

harmoniously cake decorating
  1. Makeup artist

You should also make an appointment with a good makeup artist in advance. The best thing is to organize a trial makeup and hairstyle so that there are no unpleasant surprises on that momentous day.

  1. Invitations

Book invitations and send them out about a month before the wedding so that guests can prepare to share this important day with you in advance.

  1. Gifts

Buy small and cute gifts for contests. Or you can make them or decorate with your own hands in a wedding theme to surprise and delight your guests.

  1. Vows

Now it's time to write the most sincere wedding speech-it's your vows. Do it slowly and only from the purest of hearts.

the most sincere wedding speech
  1. Dress fitting

It's time to try on your wedding dress if you made it to order. If you see any inaccuracies, there will be time to fix them, and if everything is perfect, then congratulations, you are the owner of your first perfect wedding dress.

  1. Song choice

Meet with DJ/musicians in advance to discuss all possible playlist options. Songs for contests, dances or ceremonial ones should be included. In general, consider and stick to the topic of the wedding.

playlist to the topic of the wedding

Less than a month before the wedding

It is time to check everything: whether everything has been bought, whether orders have been confirmed, whether all tastings and rehearsals have been carried out.

Do not forget about eating right and sleeping health: no stress, but only positive thoughts.

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