Unique wedding venues

unique wedding venue

Your wedding location is perhaps one of the basics that sets the tone for all subsequent wedding preparations. If you prefer an outdoor wedding feast, you might consider a rustic style, but if you choose a chic restaurant in the heart of Europe, you can celebrate a real royal wedding with a bang. 

So one of the first things to decide is where to hold your wedding — the place that will be your favorite one from awesome wedding venues. What about a unique wedding venue that not only will it be in your photo album as the most beautiful part of your wedding, but it will also remain in your memory for a long time because it is indeed unusual? There are the most beautiful wedding venues in the world that may break your heart, and I confess you may find it challenging to pick out where exactly you will celebrate your momentous day.

I suggest you take a peek at some of the most unique wedding locations over the world except for famous Disneyland venues (it is a separate topic of our blog). Maybe you will find the right place to celebrate your longest-awaited day in one of these best wedding venues in the world.

unique wedding locations

Unique wedding venues ideas

The Ruined Abbey at the UK

Among unusual wedding venues, this one is considered the most peaceful, mysterious yet fantastic. It is located at Painshill park at Cobham. A gothic temple, vineyard, wild garden, and other details of nature will take you back two centuries so that your celebration will end up being genuinely outstanding. 

Suitable for: if you are looking for secluded wedding venues to “engage with” nature and leave behind all the city's luxury, then celebrating the wedding in a ruined castle will be the best choice. 

unique wedding venues ideas

Green Valley Ranch at Montana

The place is believed to be one of the wild and hidden wedding venues located at Glacier National Park. By choosing this wedding venue for your momentous day, you will immerse in a hilly and green natural world that is full of meadow plants, endless expanses, frequent hills, and clean air. It’s a worthy substitute for city restaurant luxury. Moreover, the place is in the middle of nowhere, so forget about disgruntled neighbors who might be disturbed by the music. To soak up the beauty of nature for a while longer, accommodate your guests to wooden cabins that have all the comforts after a boisterous and fun wedding party.

Suitable for: such secret wedding venues are a perfect option for couples who are more likely to choose a walk in the wilderness rather than the city's bustling streets. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the town, get away from civilization and spend that big day with nature, then this is the place for you. 

unusual wedding venues

St. Regis at Abu Dhabi

This variant occupies a place of honor among the coolest wedding venues as it was created for the extreme people or for those who want to be closer to the sky and spend their wedding day gazing out at the vast horizon with the sun setting on the Persian Gulf at the end of the evening. 

A unique wedding venue is located on the 49th floor and is now considered one of the highest and most exclusive wedding venues. You may celebrate different events here too (your rehearsal dinner, for example). The place can accommodate up to 20 guests. Waiters bring unusual cocktails and dishes right to the rooftop, so it’s not just a spot for photos but the main venue for your wedding. Imagine yourself and your guests dancing on the roof of a tall building without any fences, and the far horizon will be at your fingertips? After the sun has risen, newlyweds may retreat to the Presidential Suite to extend this fantastic luxury wedding experience.

In any case, there is no need to worry about security because the area is supervised by special guards who are responsible for safety.

Suitable for: amongst different wedding venues, this would be an excellent option for couples who love the extreme and are ready to forget all that life below and entirely immerse themselves in the feeling of freedom and heights. 

different wedding venues

Sikelia, Pantelleria island, Italy

Sikelia is a unique and luxurious hotel located on the Pantelleria island between Sicily and Tunisia. So you can double the pleasure of picking out this boutique wedding venue among other unique wedding destinations: spend an African sunset and enjoy Italian wines and dishes, all in an open-air restaurant.

So immersing yourself in Italian tradition, a relaxed, quiet evening with candles and a Mediterranean breeze this location will not leave you and your guests indifferent.

Suitable for: if you adore celebrating events in a restaurant but want to add some fresh breeze and a glimpse of the sunset, then this outdoor retreat is worth considering. 

unique intimate wedding venues

National Museum of Women in the Arts, District of Columbia

It is one of the unique intimate wedding venues in the spirit of timeless art and palace chic. The museum is the most incredible place in the world to see the work of women artists from past centuries and contemporary masterpieces.

A palace-style museum with a chic white staircase, mezzanine, and the Great Hall for dancing (including your first touching wedding dance) is ideal for having a ballroom-inspired wedding.

Suitable for: if you’re inspired by the Victorian era and have always dreamed of having your wedding in a chic ballroom with candelabras and dimmed lights, then this venue will live up to your expectations.

exclusive wedding venues

Ventana Big Sur, California

Among the most unique wedding venues, this one is amazingly magical and peaceful. Perhaps it is the red trees, the shoreline just a stone’s throw away, or the unusual construction of the complex amidst the green vegetation that gives it its authenticity.

As well as nature and romantic surroundings, you get a five-star hotel with all the possible comforts and relaxing features, top-notch service, and incredible wildlife scenery right out of your room window. Marriage ceremonies can be held in the Redwood Chapel or on the restaurant terrace overlooking the wild ocean.

Suitable for: from all the creative wedding venues, this is the luxury wedding venue to consider if you are more into natural splendor than a palatial chic.

most unique wedding venues

Mulford Farm, New York

Meet one of the most amazing and authentic English Colonial-style farms in Hampton. The setting is genuinely cozy and homely, plus you’ll enjoy natural peace and tranquillity. The wooden mill, the barn, and the old house give the place an old-fashioned feel, but it becomes a most surprising and unusual place with modern decorations. After the registration, you may also have dinner together with your guests in a themed restaurant in the same style, and you will never forget your wedding day in a pleasant wilderness.

Suitable for: a place for couples who are in for a countryside authentic English style.

unique wedding

Bevolo, Louisiana

Bevolo is a fantastic venue as it combines a showroom for gas lanterns during the day and hosting events in the evening. So if you’ve always dreamed of having a wedding on an intimate evening with dimmed lights from over 40 gas lanterns, then welcome to one of the most fantastic wedding venues.

If you feel like stepping outside, there’s a truly antique atmosphere of the French Quarter’s royal street, which is full of small antique shops and display galleries.

Suitable for: it is one of those quaint wedding venues that will appeal to couples who prefer a vintage and antique-inspired craft theme. 

creative wedding venues

Crear, Tarbert, Scotland

How about a wedding on a vast stretch of sandy coastline off the west coast of Scotland? With Crear Wedding House, it is possible! In addition to holding your wedding reception on a wild sandy beach, you have the option of dining with all your guests (do not forget to try delicious seafood and homemade pastries) in the glass hall and relaxing after your wedding celebrations in cozy cottages with amazing views of the intact nature.

Suitable for: among the most beautiful wedding venues, this one is a unique one for couples who have a special feeling for Scotland's deserted beaches with their vast expanses. 

hidden wedding venues

Upper House, Hayfield, Cheshire

This one stands out among cool wedding venues because it's vintage authentic, cute, and cozy. It looks like an abandoned hunting lodge, but it is big enough and even has a patio. There’s also a wine cellar at your complete disposal and a friendly staff that you’ll find very agreeable.

Suitable for: if you share a love of the countryside, then consider unconventional wedding venues like this Upper House.

secret wedding venues

Uppercut Boxing Gym, Minnesota

How about weird wedding venues? Gym? Yes, it is the Northeast Minneapolis gym that completes the list of most creative wedding venues. This boxing gym is located in an abandoned building, making it a bold solution for couples who want to add some hipster and authentic flair. A grill area with street food trucks, a courtyard decorated with graffiti, and a boxing ring for the first dance or registration. Out-of-the-box? You bet it is!

Suitable for: it is a nice variant for couples considering alternative wedding venues to restaurants and park locations. 

unique wedding destination

So, whether it will be luxurious or fun wedding venues or just a simple place from classic wedding venues — the most important thing is that you and your beloved ones get a real buzz out of this unique evening and have the fondest memories of it.

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