The Best Wedding Gift Ideas for Guests and Newlyweds

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Do you want to buy a wedding gift that will surprise the newlyweds with its uniqueness? Or maybe it’s you who are newlyweds and now you are looking for wedding gift ideas for your guests?

Below you will find a huge list with creatively different presents, tips and extra wedding gift ideas!

Wedding gift ideas: from newlyweds to guests [7 ideas + photo examples]

It’s a beautiful and quite ancient tradition of giving gifts to guests at a wedding — nice little souvenirs that are presented as a token of gratitude for coming to the wedding ceremony.

After all, such lovely gifts will make your wedding stand out, and, what is no less important, contribute to the overall stylistic concept.

We gathered cool wedding guest gift ideas, which are quite simple to realise — buy, order through the Net or hand made — no crazy ideas that are impossible to bring to life.

The gift should be simple and cute. Plus, it shouldn’t bother guests with its size or weight. If you can put it in your pocket, it will be super nice. There are 7 best wedding gift ideas from our point of view:

  1. Wedding magnet

This type of gifts for guests in the past few years has especially gained popularity among newlyweds. With a photo or without, it's cheap, simpleI and sweet way to say thank-you for coming at the wedding.

It’s pros are the availability of delivery to any city/town, an affordable price, and not customizable design. 

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  1. Various figures and bobbleheads

It can be figures of a couple, hearts, and angels — anything that is associated with you and your love. You can add an engraving if you wish. 

You can choose any material: clay, ceramics, glass. 

wedding couple figures and bobbleheads
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The main con of this souvenir is the high cost and difficulty of making. Plus, it’s a more expensive option in comparison with magnets/ for example.

  1. Scented candles 

Scented candles will remind your guests of the celebration with a pleasant scent. This is one of the simplest and most available for any budget and region option. The advantage of this gift is that it will definitely come in handy. 

You can create your own custom stickers for them and also wrap a gift nicely in wrapping paper or a bag. 

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That’s not all, even cooler wedding gift ideas are ahead, read on.

  1. Candies

Various candies or sweets decorated according to a wedding theme are perfect for gifts for your guests. 

Don’t forget to put your names on a package.

It can be:

  • Macaroons.
  • Marshmallow.
  • Honey, jam, or jelly.
  • M & M sweets.
  • Homemade pie.
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It’s a very simple and affordable gift option for friends and relatives. Everything is limited only by your imagination. It is only important to complement the gift and packaging with a cute postcard indicating the date of the wedding and words of thanks.

  1. Bonbonnieres

Bonbonnieres are small beautiful boxes with candy or other small souvenirs inside. They are one of the most popular wedding gifts. You can order or make by yourself various bonbonnieres for your taste and budget: from the simplest cardboard with sweets, to the exclusive trimmed with lace and decorative stones. Also, this set can be supplemented with a wedding magnet.

Bonbonnieres are also made according to the wedding's general style so that everything in the celebration is harmonious. They can be made for any wedding style: Provence, Tiffany, Boho, Loft, Retro, and Sweet Pink Love style.

Bonbonnieres for wedding
wedding shower gift ideas
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But some people consider them too boring as it is used at almost every wedding party. Thus, your task is to surprise your guests so that the wedding is remembered for many years.

By the way, ceramic mugs are also great for this.

  1. A bottle of wine or champagne

A small gift bottle of wine or champagne, complemented by a label with a photo of the bride and groom will be a good gift idea for guests. Many newlyweds choose this option. Such a souvenir has become popular since wine or champagne gives a certain feeling of celebration. And therefore, the guests, having received such a present, will bring it home, and it will remind them of the past celebraion.

This gift is quite simple and will not hit you in the wallet. It is available to almost everyone — one of the best wedding gift ideas.

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  1. Pocket calendar

A pocket calendar with a photo of newlyweds will become a very good souvenir for friends and family. This is fairly simple but, at the same time, a useful gift that will definitely come in handy.

The main advantage of calendars is their affordable price and great customization area.

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And of course, the calendar grid on the back can be styled as you like:

  • Highlight wedding date.
  • Mark the dates of birth of the bride and groom.
  • Mark the dates of birth of family and friends.
  • Use design and font to match the style of the holiday.

These were wedding gift ideas for guests, now look at the ideas for gifts for newlyweds.

Wedding gift ideas for couple [25 ideas]

Original wedding gifts for newlyweds do not have to be expensive and serious. A present will evoke much more emotions if it manages to cheer and, despite its frivolity, is endowed with an important meaning. Here are some examples of wedding gift ideas for bride and groom we consider the best:

  1. Video with the best photos of the bride and groom, as well as congratulations from family and friends;
  2. Inviting a couple’s favorite singer.
  1. Useful books for domestic life: home repair guides, cooking guides, guides on raising a husband and taming a wife, and similar guides;
  2. Paired T-shirts: for the groom – with a photo of his beloved, and for the bride – with the image of the chosen one;
  3. Large family piggy bank;
  4. Unbreakable plates with the inscription “For heart-to-heart talks”;
  5. Bed linen with the designation of the boundaries of the territories of each of the spouses;
  6. Certificate for purchase in a construction, furniture or children's store;
  7. Tickets for a concert of your favorite music group or couple's performer;
  8. Hot air balloon flight is one of the most creative wedding gift ideas;
  9. Honeymoon trip (most often this is an original wedding gift from parents);
  10. A site on the moon or a planet named after the spouses;
  11. Skydiving certificates;
  12. A bottle of good collection wine, which can be opened in a few years at a wedding anniversary; Let us know if you want a post about wedding anniversary gift ideas!
  13. Certificate for a photo session with a famous photographer;
  14. A song written for a couple, or a dance performed by yourself;
  15. A room in a luxury hotel for the first wedding night;
  16. Certificate for participation in a master class in cooking, pottery, painting or any other topic of interest to newlyweds;
  17. Organization of festive fireworks at the end of a festive evening;
  18. The family coat of arms, reflecting the characteristics of the couple and their quivering feelings;
  19. Party fountain pouring alcoholic drinks;
  20. Personalized bathrobes; 
  21. Voice picture (for example, you can record the wedding vow of the newlyweds, after which the specialists will translate the sound waves into a graphic image);
  22. A picnic set for lovers, consisting of plates, glasses and cutlery in duplicate;
  23. Full organization of a bachelor or bachelorette party (this is one of the best wedding shower gift ideas).
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Extra wedding gift ideas

Check out an additional selection of best wedding gift ideas:

  • For a sports couple: pair thermoses, wireless headphones, heart rate monitors, pedometers, home exercise machine;
  • For fans of outdoor activities: tent, sleeping bags, hiking backpacks, compasses, LED flashlights;
  • For travelers: a camera (can be supplemented with a tripod and an external battery), suitcases, sleeping kits, a map of discoveries on which the family can mark the countries visited;
  • For young people who have a country house: a gazebo or a tent, a double hammock, barbecue, sun loungers or rattan furniture, an inflatable pool, a mini-fridge;

Conclusion: ideas for wedding gift

As you see, there are tons of ideas, there are no limits for your imagination. We hope you have been inspired by our selection of the most unique wedding gift ideas both for guests and for new family. 

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