Name change after marriage guide

Name change after marriage guide

The wedding has passed, and all the troubles are over! Unfortunately, no, it is only partially true because all is just beginning. Do you know about the procedure of name change after marriage? It's pretty good that you have already come up with your perfect postmarriage name and are aware of the doсs you should have to change your name. If you have not seriously considered your name change or are busy with other concerns (what is likely), then I can make it easier for you to get more information about this issue. Nowadays, situations with name changes are very popular. Whereas previously, the spouse's name was given to his wife, and that's all, no other options. Today you own the right and freedom of choice while choosing the new name after marriage. You may pick out from a list of possible name change options, but about this a little later. Don t worry! You need a little time, and that's it.

Name change after marriage

Name change after marriage. Is it obligatory?

No, of course. No one is forcing you to do it. The laws like a mandatory family name change law don't exist. So, it's up to you whether to preserve the present name or get a new one, your spouse's last name.

Why is it sometimes worth name change after marriage?

1. Traditions

Many cultures honor their customs and traditions. A tradition of the genus is no exception. A lot of people attach great importance to continue the genus, especially in the male line.

tradition of the genus

2. Your name disliking

I think it's time to “leave alone” your hated last name. I am not kidding. Many young people do not miss the opportunity to change their last names. To be honest, sometimes girls like their boyfriend's last name more than the boyfriend himself.

3. Individual approach

I mean the common name on the home details. The easiest way to decorate your family cozy home is the usage of one common last name.

Have you heard of all the “post-wedding” names?

1. Traditional name of husband

This choice is widespread. In most civilized countries, you take the spouse's name; actually, it is given to you by default. As mentioned above, you have the freedom to pick out from different kinds of postmarriage names or leave the old one.

post-wedding names

2. Double family name

There are cases when spouses have a desire to unite the last names. Are they short? They sound pretty good together! Then this point is perfect for you. The one thing you should have is the desire expression on both sides.

3. A middle name plus the name of a spouse

If you honor tradition but do not desire to say goodbye to your “uniqueness,” you may pick out this variant. Let's take a look at an example of how this works. Your patronymic name is Perry; Smith is a groom's last name then you may create a new name as Katty Perry Smith. So, you kill two birds with one brick. You preserve your unique name and keep the tradition unchangeable, having your patronymic name together with the spouse's name.

4. A mix of names

You may mix the names to create a new and unique one. It is quite an entertaining and peculiar option, your name changing. So, you just blend your names into one or combine the first letters or syllables. You may already improvise for yourself. But please remember about the fact that the last name will be with you always and everywhere. Mull carefully about consonance and acceptability. And do not forget about your future children. They should like it too:)

5. Saving the name halfway

The main point is the following: you may get your spouse's name on important documents or cards, but there is no need to change your Facebook or Instagram name accounts.

What is an appropriate possibility for changing your name?

It is crucial because mismatching of names can cause some problems during the trip to another country. Think about it beforehand to eradicate any problems with the travel agency or the visiting state's jurisdiction.

Some cases of name confirmation demand a marriage certificate while others also a deed poll.

Double family name

A d.poll is needed more, then:

1. Sign a d. poll during your wedding day

2. Sign a d. poll upon arrival at home

If a d. poll is not demanded; it is better for you to have:

1. A new passport preparation upon arrival at home after the trip

2. “Postponed” passport

You may start the passport preparation process until the wedding. But take into account that you don't manage to get a new passport before the wedding.

3.Your present passport usage but with a marriage certificate

Changing your name algorithm

Changing your name algorithm

1. Marriage certificate as well as a marriage license

Do you know how to change your name officially? So, with these two essential docs, you may do it officially. Take into account that a marriage license doesn't equal to a  marriage certificate. They have a significant difference—the first one you receive before the registration ceremony. In brief, this document grants you a right to become a spouse while the second one is issued after the wedding ceremony and confirms the marriage. To begin with the procedure of modifying the name, you should prepare a copy of your marriage license. After the registration ceremony, file the certificate to a regional administration, and when they certify it, a certified copy will soon be with you.

marriage license

2. What about a new social security card?

Let me name the process of changing name social security the second crucial phase after receiving a marriage certificate copy. The driver's license can't be modified without a new social security card. You may change name social security online by yourself or with the help of SSA. I highly recommend you prepare all docs you should keep while renewing a social security card. 

new social security card

Where can I change the name social security card?

The only place for name change social security is SSA. It is The United States Social Security Administration where you may begin social security change name. I warn you that there are often long lines in the office while updating a card, so calculate your time in advance to modify a card without a long queue.

3. What about a driver's license?

This deed is the third one you should change. The list of docs you need varies from the state. Please, check the information in advance, and you will avoid any problems. One way or another, you definitely should grab a present driver's license. Grab a copy of your marriage certificate, any ID docs with you, and a new social security card.

4. Voter registration

If you want your voice to be counted, then change the name in the voter registration as soon as possible. You may do online on, where you can find all questions that interest you without any problems.

Voter registration

5. Bank

It is the final principal certificate you should consider while starting the procedure of changing your name. Grip the already existing driver's license and, as usual, the marriage certificate and begin to modify your credit cards, mortgage, savings accounts, etc.

6. USPS name change

It is not very urgent to change the name here. You will need to change your name in postal service only if you move back to your new home.

7. Work

You also should inform your boss to change your name in your business accounts, working medical insurance, worker's benefits, etc.

USPS name change

8. Medicine

Change the name in the medical cards in various departments, the card in a dental clinic, medical insurance cards, etc.

9. Don't forget about social networks

Here you don't need any copy of your marriage certificate or even your new social security card! Here the strategy of name change after marriage is the easiest one. Open your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. accounts to change your name into a new one if you need it. Of course, you can save the present one but make sure that your friends and relatives from over the world manage to find you.

social networks

Telephone, internet, fitness room passes, and many other small things you also need to change your name. But that's all in the process.

Finally, it turns out that changing your name is essential not only among your friends and relatives but also in official docs. Just think calmly and decide what the best variant for you is. Have you come to a decision? Then you know how to proceed!

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