How to decide on your perfect wedding veil

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Choosing a veil is as much of a crucial solution as picking out a wedding dress. But how difficult it can sometimes be! There are so many wedding veil styles and lengths today. It's not surprising that it's frequently impossible to choose something particular. The wedding day's importance makes you nervous, and it seems that one wrong decision, whether selecting the wrong dress or veil, can ruin everything.

Don't worry, because ugly wedding dresses and bridal veils don't exist. To decide the right one for you, listen to your heart when you look in the mirror, and it will prompt you what to pick out.

Here's an overview of the most trendy veil types and advice on which dress goes best with a certain veil. I hope after reading this article the issue “how to pick a veil” will not cause difficulty and it will be easier to make up your decision. Finally, you'll define your perfect bridal veil.

wedding veil styles

Bridal veil styles (length included)

Birdcage veils

Such short bridal veils cover half your face. The typical length is about 5-10. They are often made of a mesh, sturdy fabric that will hold its shape and not fall over the face. The veil can be attached to a hairpin or a hat.

Combines well with: a veil style like this goes straight back in time, so it goes great with lace midi dresses or the trendy shapes of those times. This bridal style can look flirty with a mid-length dress or elegant with a long bridal gown.

veil styles

Blusher wedding veils

This variant is suitable for those who wish to cover their face but opt for a longer variant than the first one. The veil length is about 30, and the fabric is usually as thin as tulle. Often lace is used as an additional decoration. Brides choose this version of the veil for the most lovely moment: reveal the her face hidden under the veil before the first kiss. Have you seen the reactions of grooms in films at such seconds? Oh, what a touching moment!

different veil styles

Combines well with: the veil adds a romantic touch. It's effortless to pick up a dress for this veil style because of the wide variety of such veil types. It perfectly matches a long straight wedding gown, but of course, today, there are different combinations of wedding gowns and veil options. 

Elbow-length veil

It is a classic veil variation for wedding dresses designed in refined style for an outdoor wedding (beach or garden, for example). The veil has a medium length, so an excellent option for those brides who desire neither a short veil nor a floor-length veil.

Combines well with: it can be made as a light fabric to combine with a long flowing dress or as fluffier to create a 60-s retro style and match with a lush dress to create a flirty vintage look.

veil types

Fingertip wedding veils

The veil is slightly longer than the average length. If you lower your arms, the veil's length will end at your fingertips.

different types of veils

It is perhaps the most versatile and popular option among brides, as the veil looks long enough but at the same time doesn't reach the floor what makes it both practical and comfortable.

Combines well with: a versatile option for any wedding dress and hairdo (can be fixed into a high bun or to the middle of the head if you opt for loose tresses).

Waltz veils

It's also known as a ballet veil, and it comes down to your knees. It is often framed in lace to add a womanhood touch.

Combines well with: a great option for petite brides and those who want a long but not floor-length veil. 

types of veils

Chapel veil

Who wanted a floor-length veil? Here's one option: a long, lightweight veil that's only a little longer than your dress and doesn't stretch for miles behind you.

Combines well with: the veil is paired with long minimalist gowns made of a sturdy fabric. You can also see lace around the edges of such a veil, but today more and more brides are opting for this length of the veil from a flowing fabric without any decoration to accentuate the look's simplicity.

bridal veil styles

Cathedral style veils

Among the wedding veil lengths, this veil is the longest. So, the veil's size is considerably longer than the dress, so think in advance about who will help you straighten it when you enter the cathedral. 

Combines well with: a veil for a gorgeous and chic look that will give you a dramatic. It's not always comfortable with such a veil, but it's the only wedding day of your life, so why not be a queen at that moment? Choose the same elegant floor-length dresses that will accentuate every curve of your body.

wedding veil lengths

“Juliet cap” veil

The veil is attached to the hair and wrapped around the forehead to create what is known as a light “veil cap”. This veil is most often embellished with lace to add a vintage and romantic twist.

Combines well with: it is a vintage style —  perfect with the same vintage dresses framed with lace and subtle details.

veil lengths

“Dupatta scarf” veil

If you've decided on an Indian-style wedding, this veil is your undisputed choice. It is a traditional veil worn by Indian women, covering the shoulders and head. It is usually designed with lots of jewelry and beads.

Combines well with: bright dresses with a vast number of patterns, giving a colorful and calorité image.

wedding veil length

3 main tips for picking out your perfect veil

  1. Consider your budget

Decide on a maximum amount of money you're willing to spend on a veil. The cost of a veil varies from $200 to $4,000, and at first glance, a simple veil can cost more than a dress. The price depends on veil length, fabric, and the details that adorn the veil.

A long veil doesn't mean expensive, and a short “cover” doesn't mean cheaper. So you can buy any of the above types of veils at different prices.

  1. Think about your hairdo

Remember that a veil covers your hair: if you want to show everyone your elegant bun, then attach a veil below the bun, but if your dream is long tresses at your wedding, then pick out veil options that will emphasize that romantic look rather than covering all of your hair.

  1. Try different veil styles

The best solution is to try on and check the various alternatives — sample different types of veils for your wedding dresses. Don't be afraid to try on mismatches sometimes as such combinations canmake the look complete and unusual. And finally, if you can't decide between the two options, listen to your inner desire looking at yourself in the mirror without thinking about the practicality and acceptability of one or the other veil.

Pick out the veil you feel like yourself in.

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