How Much Does a Disney Wedding Cost?

disney wedding cost

A marriage proposal has already been successfully accepted! Now It's time to pick out where and how to perform your fairytale wedding day. Whether you dream of being a princess, having your picture taken in front of a castle, or having a carriage instead of a limousine, the world of Disney has something to offer you. But first, it's preferable to discuss Disney wedding costs and answer the popular question about how much is a wedding at Disneyland?

how much is a disney wedding

Now let’s dive into the details!

Disney World Wedding location's options

Disney offers four main destinations for your wedding or even the holding of rehearsal dinner: Florida/California Resort, Aulani Hawaii beach, and Cruise Line.

Moreover, the Disney world has its team of wedding organizers who will not only plan your best wedding but will also make a huge and fabulous cake, propose the wedding dress and veil and prepare gourmet meals, so your dream wedding will come true.

You may rent Disneyland locations and hold a small Disney wedding with the people closest to you or prepare a feast for the world. But first let’s set a maximum/minimum budget. 

disney wedding prices

Florida Resort cost

Disney wedding prices vary according to location, time of day, and weekday. So the prices here start at $5,000 and go up to $50,000.

For example:

  • On Conch Key Marina, Sago Cay, Luau Beach, or Luau Pointe wedding locales, you may pay from $5,000 to $15,000. They are the most accessible places with the average Disneyland wedding cost.
disney world wedding cost
  • Having a wedding party on German Courtyard, Italy Isola/Plaza, UK Courtyard, Eau de France, Japan Courtyard, or Terrace de Fleur will cost you $6,000 to $18,000. 
disneyland wedding cost
  • Celebrating weddings on Croquet Lawn, Oak Manor Lawn, Destino Plaza, Casitas Courtyard, Sea Breeze Point, Wedding Gazebo, or Shipwreck Beach venues will cost you about $20,000 (it is considered the maximum price). 
how much does a disney wedding cost
  • Disney world wedding cost on the shores of Seven Seas Lagoon starts from $10,000 to $35,000, and a real fairy tale in a Magic Kingdom can cost you even more — $50,000.
disney weddings cost

California Disney weddings cost

Here the min price is about $3,000. It depends on the time of day, day of the week, and of course, the location. If you've decided to have your wedding on the first part of a day, then brunch will cost $145 per guest and lunch is $165; if the best time for your wedding is evening, then a dinner will cost $190 per guest.

Plus, additional services such as musicians, carriages, flowers, or footmen can complement the festivities.

Parkview Terrace, the Magic Kingdom Lawn, or Brisa Courtyard wedding venues will cost you from $3,000 to $8,000. If your ideal wedding is associated with a restful garden ceremony, then consider Adventure Lawn Gazebo venue, which costs about $2,600 to $6,000.

disney wedding costs

You may pick out Rose Court Garden —  a fairytale garden with hundreds of blooming roses. The price of wedding holding in the venue is $4,000 to $10,000, according to guests count and season.

cost of a disney wedding

Aulani Hawaii cost of a Disney wedding

The most popular question is how much is a Disney wedding in Hawaii? It's no surprise as Hawaii is number one on the list of most heavenly places for your wedding. The cost of Disney weddings in Hawaii depends on the package you select: Pilialoha or Lōkahi.

Pilialoha package

The offered venues are Kula Wai, Alohi Point, and Sunset Alcove. The package includes the opportunity to invite up to 18 guests, an hour of photo taking, a fantastic oceanfront ceremony, flower decorations, live music, white garden chairs, etc. The lowest cost of bliss is $5,500.

cost of disney weddings

Lōkahi Package

This package enables almost all the wedding details, including the ceremony's organization, white arch, chairs for guests, two wedding photoshoots, ballroom festivities, etc. The average cost of Disney weddings with the package begins from $10,500.

Aulani Beach, the Wailana Pool, Rainbow Reef Patio, and 5+ venues are available with the Lōkahi pack. So you may hold your wedding on the beach, by the palm-fringed pool, or in the luxurious indoor halls. 

how much is a wedding at disneyland

Cruise Disney wedding

The variations for your wedding in Disneyland don't run out of beaches and gardens. How about having your wedding in the heart of the ocean or go to an isolated Castaway Cay island altogether? Anyway, Disney world includes four ships for you to pick out and have a wedding right in the middle of the ocean: Disney Wonder, Magic, Dream, or Disney Fantasy.

Ceremonies on fairy ships cost from $3,500, while the Castaway Cay has higher costs of $4,500. Weddings in this nautical style are designed for 18 people, but a certain number of guests may be added and will cost more money. The cost also depends on the dishes, decorations, guest room reservations, and other nuances that also affect the price and should be considered while planning the wedding budget.

wedding at disneyland

The last thoughts

Answering the question about “how much does a Disney wedding cost”, we can't point out a specific price. But the charm of Disney World is that it has a wide range of possibilities for all budgets. So whether it's a glorious Disney Cinderella-style wedding or a wedding with the nearest and dearest in a secluded garden, the main thing is to make your celebration the most memorable and exciting one.

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