20 Exciting Wedding Save the Date Ideas All Parties Will Love

Save the date ideas

Wedding save the dates are a fun and pleasant way to start every wedding story. They intrigue and arouse pop-eyed interest, allowing you to plunge into the wedding atmosphere and celebratory mood far before the ceremony. We have gathered 20 of the best save the date ideas for you to borrow.

Wedding save the date cards/magnets/toys, beautifully made and selected in the style of the entire wedding ceremony, show your respect for each and every guest. 

Do not forget that getting a beautiful and stylish save the date is always a pleasure and a certain guarantee that you are welcomed at this feast.

There are a wide variety of options and types of save the dates — simple and concise, luxurious and sophisticated, creative and weird.

Designers suggest choosing the notification cards in the style of the feast itself. The trend of 2020-2021 introduces classic save the dates in the form of a card, in the form of puzzles, delicious and unusual ones in the form of boxes with macaroons, chocolate bars, or bottles and even tin cans.

Unique save the dates

1. Photo-based

Use your amazing couple photo as a base.  

Creative photo save the dates
Unique save the dates
Wedding save the dates ideas

By doing so, you will not only notify your closest about the special day coming but leave such a pleasant memory for them. 

You can use classic postcard form or experiment a little:

Cool save the date ideas
Clever save the date
Fun save the dates

2. Vintage

If you are known for the love of old pretty things, your guests won’t be surprised to receive a “message” like this from you. Plus, it looks so romantic — it’s one of the top save the date ideas.

Ideas for save the date
Exciting Wedding Save the Date Ideas
best save the date ideas

It can be a standard card or postcard with an old-style picture or print on it.

3. Hand-made stuff 

One of the more touching and even more useful gestures is a hand-made thing like candles or soap. They will not only remind of the special day but will come in handy as well. 

save the date ideas pinterest
save the date ideas online
save the date ideas magnets

4. Emails

Emails are the fastest, least time-consuming and sometimes are the completely free way to send notification to your friends and relatives. 

They can be presented as a simple flyer or can be animated. 

save the date ideas funny
save the date ideas for events
save the date ideas for destination weddings

However, remember that not all the guests, especially older ones, have email or even PC. 

Cool save the date ideas

5. Magnets

Magnets are one of the most popular ideas for saving the dates as it’s the best way to continuously remind your guests about the wedding — by putting it in the place where they spend a lot of time — the fridge. 

save the date ideas abroad
save the date ideas amazon
save the date announcement ideas

Usually, they are made of wood as it’s rather cheap and the engraving is easy to do. 

6. Passport-like

Another cool save the date is in the form of a passport and a flying ticket. It’s funny, it’s witty and looks great:

save the date anniversary ideas
pictures of save the date ideas
save the date ideas beach wedding

A wedding bonus tip

You can make your wedding unforgettable thanks to a unique wedding hashtag. Generate the hashtag, share it with all your guests and collect all the shots and memories you might miss from Social Media. It’s free!

7. Scratch off cards

This is a little game that reminds you of a lottery and is a cool way to let your friends know about your future marriage. 

save the date ideas business
save the date ideas cheap
save the date ideas black and white

8. 3D cards

Weren’t you looking for the coolest save the date ideas? Make it fun and engaging. Create an encrypted message which can be decrypted only with the help of special glasses or use a standard 3D card. 

save the date ideas color
save the date card ideas

Fun save the dates

9. Funny cards

Show your brightest sense of humor in your card. Weddings are happy events, so why not make people laugh a bit?

save the date ideas destination wedding
save the date ideas digital
save the date ideas designs

These are the examples of “change the dates” which will be of need due to “you-know-what.”  These quarantine wedding cards are amazing:

save the date different ideas
save the date ideas etsy
save the date ideas email

10. Puzzles

Puzzles are funny and intriguing. They make people wonder what the result will be.

save the date ideas ebay
save the date envelope ideas
save the date ideas geeky

11. Playing cards

If you are famous for your love for card games and gambling, why not emphasize the fact?

save the date gift ideas
save the date ideas homemade
save the date ideas how to make

12. Comic strip

People are obsessed with comics. Try to find a person who can’t call himself a comic nerd. Especially for those who are:

save the date ideas images
save the date ideas items
save the date invitation ideas

It’s one of the most interesting save the date ideas for today.

Creative save the dates

13. Calendars

Paper, wooden or of metal… Choose any option you like:

save the date layout ideas
latest save the date ideas
luxury save the date ideas

This kind of gift is simple and does the job perfectly — it reminds future guests about the great party.

14. News in a newspaper

Such great news as a wedding deserves the cover and an equally great headline:

save the date message ideas
save the date marriage ideas
save the date marketing ideas

15. In a bottle

These save the dates are romantic, adventurous and funny — just put your message in a small bottle. If the paper is rolled inside and your guest will have to open the bottle and unfold it, it will be even more exciting for them.

save the date meeting ideas
save the date notice ideas
new save the date ideas

16. Vinyl playlist

Vinyl is becoming mainstream again — the elegant classics that remind us of the beautiful past.

save the date ideas online free
wedding save the date ideas online
save the date original ideas

17. Tasty save the dates

It can be cookies, fortune cookies or even tea bags. It’s always pleasant to receive something that can be in our stomach instantly. 

save the date on facebook ideas
save the date ideas photos
save the date ideas party

Clever save the date

18. Postcards

Why are postcards clever? They are the most rational, budget-friendly, and time-saving among all the save the dates ideas mentioned in this post.

save the date ideas photoshoot
save the date ideas quotes
save the date ideas rustic

19. Video Message

A video message is a cool, touching way to send your great news. It can be either animated pictures or the two of you in real life notifying your friends about the ceremony and its date.

save the date simple ideas


Bookworms will appreciate such a save the date card. Make it adorable with a nice string or a popular botanical print. 

save the date ideas templates
save the date ideas text
save the date bookmarks

Resources of images presented: Etsy.com, Minted.com, Evite.com, Paperlesspost.com.

Save the date vs invitation

In brief, save the dates are optional while invitations are a must. 

The aim of the first one is to notify your fellows about your upcoming wedding far in advance so that they can plan the trip by taking a vacation or a day off at work. You do not provide detailed information — only the day and the place (if you already decide on that).

Typically, they are sent a couple of months before the wedding. 

As for the invitation, it’s more formal and official. You ask your future guests to join you at a certain time and place, specify the  dress code and request a reply. 

It is sent 2 weeks – 1.5 months before the rites of matrimony. 

What to write on save the dates?

As you can see from the images above, save the dates are about brevity.

Key points to include:

  • “Save the date” as a title. Thus, your guests will immediately understand the purpose of the item.
  • Your names.
  • Date.
  • Place if chosen. It should include the country/state, and city (and the venue if you know it).
  • The event website if you have one.
  • “Invitation to follow” note at the end — your guests will know what to expect next.  

However, if the style of your save the date is quite eccentric, like a comic or newspaper, add some more relevant information to it (a story, a joke, etc.)

Save the date ideas: Final words

We hope this article with the best save the date ideas will be useful and inspiring for you. If you have your own cool ideas to tell closepeople about the event, share with us in the comments!

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