Bridal shower game ideas

Bridal shower game ideas

Did you finally get a marriage proposal? The proposal of your dreams, I suppose. Being a bride is your cherished dream? Are you looking forward to sharing this pleasure with your close friends and relatives? Then it's time to gather everybody to have a high time before your desired wedding.

a bridal shower

What does it mean a bridal shower?

A bridal shower is closely connected with a bachelorette party. A bridal shower is also a party organized by a bride or, to be precise, her bridesmaids before the wedding party. But unlike a bachelorette party, a bridal shower is not such a loud one. At the bachelorette party, you can notice the closest friends of the bride who will keep the whole party and especially its details a big secret.

bridal shower games

You may see several generations of a young girl on the mother's side at a bridal shower, i.e., mother and grandmother. By the way, women-colleagues may also be invited to a bridal shower. Today you can even meet men there. It can be a bride's friend or a father, grandfather. It all depends on who the bride desires to see at her bridal shower. In general, it looks more like a cozy, peaceful, calm, homey evening than a hardcore party from which girls take everything possible:) Usually, the guests of a bridal shower may present small gifts or handsels. Just as a gesture of attention. You can surprise with exciting and unusual cosmetics or attractive accessories to the bride's wardrobe. It's up to you to pick out what can make her happy. Well, the party is calm and cozy. Don't you think you're getting bored? Well, if you're a tedious person, you will be bored at the most festive party! But that's not what I'm talking about. I know the way of brightening up a cozy evening. In this article, you may get to know more about the most widespread bridal shower games that all guests will want to play.

What does it mean bridal shower games?

Usually, by game, we mean something “desktop” or too active. Bridal games for shower will not make a brain strained, or a sweat run like a stream(although you can argue with the last statement). Games bridal shower are usually team games for wedding shower that will involve all the invited persons. The future bride or the lady of the hour is typically the center of attention in shower wedding games.

bridal showers games organization

There are bridal shower games that allow you to know the bride from different sides, which is also essential for a further close relationship. So, do not overthink how to cheer up your guests. It is better to read our useful shower games bridal guide.

The reasons for bridal showers games organization

1. Bright colors filling

Yes, it's true. Bridal shower games can bring a specific feature to the evening. Thanks to the games for a bridal shower, a bright trace of the evening will remain with you and your guests forever.

2. Good mood guarantee

I think that your party is already full of happiness and you can't find a bad mood there. There is no limit to a good mood, so shower games for wedding are an excellent option to fulfill the great fun.

3. Great ideas finding out

games for a bridal shower

The merriment will benefit both you and your friends. At your bridal shower, people will have an opportunity to get to know about new things from your bridal shower games that may be applied in the future at their parties. I may tell you that if the ideas are original and unique, then your games for wedding showers are worth being at the bridal shower.

Now I want to present to you the most ingenious and the best games for bridal shower. You are free to choose what you like more and what your guests will appreciate.

4. Get everyone involved

Fun bridal shower games may unite all the guests. Many of them still don't know each other well; then, this is also an excellent chance to cultivate new friendships.

Let's go to observe the most exciting bridal shower games

1. “Important numbers” bridal shower game

The idea of the bridal shower game is the following. Guests should nick from a list of prepared numbers and dates that are more suitable for the bride and groom. Let your closest friend know about the date you met with your boyfriend or your first date day or children number you would like.

exciting bridal shower games

There may be many ideas for questions—just more creativity. So, the guests pick out from the multiple answers the most suitable for the bride and groom and thus nick important dates from their life. It is the best opportunity to get to know the bride and groom from another side and be aware of one more love story that may break the ice in the invited people's hearts.

2. “Wedding deaf phone” bridal shower game

It is one of the bridal shower games that may unify the bridal shower guests. The idea of the bridal shower game is the following: beginning with any first guest who should tell something interesting about the bride or groom to the following guest. Every guest of the bridal shower should say something unique so that only that person to whom the guest tells something will hear about it; that's why it is a deaf phone. Each following guest should pass the next guest what was sent to him and what he will say. But the most positive fun bridal shower thing is towards the end of links! The last of the guests will gather the most information because he will be given everything pronounced in this chain. I think your guests will laugh like little Audrey listening to the beautiful and endless wish list

3. “Sincere wedding poem” bridal shower game

The game for bridal shower looks like the previous one. The bridal shower game is ideal for rallying and involving all the party guests. The point of the wedding shower game is the following. Every guest should write down on a paper sheet related in meaning and in verse form the phrase describing a couple(or separately describing the bride or groom) each time bending the sheet; that's why the next guest can not manage to see the written phrase.

bridal shower guests

As usual, the most exciting fun bridal shower moment will appear at the end of the chain! Somebody may read aloud the written poem created by the guests.

4. “A box of date ideas” bridal shower game

I suppose that the bride and groom will thank you later for helping them to create the ideas for dates for all their free weekend evenings or days. Beautiful colorful sheets of paper or stickers and colored pencils or pens should be prepared for organizing well this bridal shower game. Each of the guests may suggest a perfect date and write it down on the paper. You may pick up all the stickers with ideas in a nice box or baggie and save it until you run out of ideas for the ideal date evening.

5. “Memories box” bridal shower game

Then, the bride takes a sheet from a box and reads it aloud.What about a shower games wedding where each person can remember smth nice and cool about the bride or a couple in general? It's high time for wedding memories. Any cozy evening is not complete without warm recollections. This evening they will be especially appropriate. Every guest may write down a recollection of the bride or a fun situation that occurred with the bride in the past. Then these notes should be mixed.

shower games wedding

The task for the guests is to nick a person who has written it. You have both the recollections and fun in one bridal shower game.

6. “Fun mad libs activity” bridal shower game

Mad libs game is an excellent alternative to energetic games. Instead of getting upset that the evening will end, you can try to create this evening the best part of a day! At the evening's outcome, you can relax a little and get a cozy location starting the bridal shower game in a pleasant atmosphere. The core idea of the game bridal shower is that every invited person gets proposed questions you should answer. For example, what is the name of a bride, what is your favorite song, etc.? Then, these answers are fitted into a story with an omitted phrase. So, in the end, you get a comic story with inappropriate parts. The brilliant evening story is ready to be stored in your home! You should prepare the printed questions, stickers to mark the answers, and a story with a missed phrase.

7. “Wedding dress out of a toilet paper” bridal shower game

Do you desire to take part in the most out of the box bridal shower game? If yes, then get ready to design a bride's wedding dress from a vast amount of toilet paper! It looks more like a team game, so make several teams that can compete for the most creative solution in dress designing. Let your guests be both models and designers who may use the only working tool – toilet paper.

energetic bridal shower games

Limit the teams to 30 min and pick out the fanciest and the most unusual dream dress.

8. “Ring toss” bridal shower game

You can begin the fun bridal shower game at the outset of the party and complete on the evening outcome. The core point of the fun bridal shower game is quite simple. You should prepare a ring for every invited person. Rings may be made from plastic or wood. Pick out and read off three or four famous subject words such as s bride or a groom or a wedding something like this. The main task for the guests is to pronounce this secret word during the party. If someone hears from another person one of the words, he may get a ring from a person who pronounced it. Thus, the person who receives the largest number of rings will be the party's champion at the end of the evening.

9. “Our places” bridal shower game

The idea of the bridal shower game is the following. There are some pictures of the bride with her future spouse created in different places during their living together. Locate the pictures of the bride and her future spouse in several areas on the territory. Every guest should write the precise location of a particular image. The winner of the bridal shower game is those who guess the largest number of exact locations.

 idea of the bridal shower game

10. “Wedding crocodile” bridal shower game

Everybody knows this widespread game. It can be appropriate for your bridal shower too. Are you aware of how? So, prepare cards with both famous and little-known wedding words. All the guests should be separated into two or three teams. A person from a team picks out without looking at a card with a word or phrase and shows its meaning using gestures or facial expressions. At this time, the team participants may nick the word that the first person is trying to demonstrate. But there is a critical condition! The demonstration and guessing should last only a certain amount of time. Limit them to 1-3 minutes per one word.

11. “Wedding traditions quiz” bridal shower game

This activity is one of the useful and beneficial bridal shower games with the help of which you may get to know more about wedding traditions in one evening than in your entire life. The prepared quiz with variants of answers is a necessary thing that needs to be prepared in advance. Mention the tradition of putting a ring on your right finger or throwing flowers over your head.

quiz bridal shower game

Make the quiz interesting, intriguing, and informative. Try to make them simple, as the guests should not strain themselves too much. Here you all have gathered to relax and create fun without “brainstorm.”

12. “Useful bag” bridal shower game

Are you aware of the bridal shower games that may help your guests hear interesting facts about the guests' bag content? Don't worry! No one is going to steal the guests' bags and overlook the content. It is just a kind of bridal shower games. Prepare a list of useful, popular things from one side and curious and exciting from another side. There may be lipsticks, beauty powder, wet towel wipes, wallet, cheques, and even condoms or diarrhea pills. You are free to decide what words should be included. Then name the printed words and ask for women whether they have it in their bags or not. The champion of this bridal shower game has a more significant number of things from the prepared list.

A few more game ideas for bridal shower games

1. Try to include in the list of bridal shower games that will please and be attractive to all guests without exception. All ages and all genders will want to play a game bridal shower.

2. Prepare small prizes in advance for winners at a particular game bridal shower. It can be a small decorated bag with candies or homemade cookies, chapstick, hand cream, perfumed shower gel, a small hairbrush, or other gifts that you desire to present as a prize.

more game ideas for bridal shower

3. Prepare all the necessary instruments and things for bridal shower games. Stickers, lists, sheets of paper, pens or multicolored pencils, and other things to avoid wasting time searching for them.

4. When you go to a party, do not forget to take a good mood, a sincere smile that will break the ice because it is the primary key to a successful party!

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