All you should know about a best man speech

All you should know about a best man speech

The moment has arrived. Now you're not just going to the wedding as a guest, you're going as a best friend, a best man. I'm sure you are overwhelmed with emotions, but the brightest of them is a joy for your friend. He found his real love and now his wife. You have faced a difficult (not for everyone) and stressful task-the groomsman speech. Are you nervous or have an audience fear? Maybe you have many things to say in your mind but don't know exactly how to link everything into one text? There are no words in your head at all, only emotions. So, keep calm. Read my simple guide about how to write a best man speech and forget about failed speeches.

how to write a best man speech

A simple best man speech template

See how to start and organize all thoughts in a sample of what will be said during your speech.

  1. Emphasize the theme.

Think about the central main theme around which the other themes will be mentioned. Maybe the core point will be a cheerful story of acquaintance and how friendship became so strong. Or it will be an amusing story during a shared trip or a party with the couple, after which you realize that the feelings between these people are heartfelt.

So, try to emphasize the essential speech element to create some structure in your head.

  1. Add details.

Mark the additional theme elements that you desire to mention. Write everything despite their disconnectedness: what you want to say about a couple in general, about a groom and bride separately, about funny moments, wishes and gratitude, about your emotions.

  1. Connect the central theme and details.

To get a coherent text, arrange the details of how you will talk about particular topics. For example, start with memories or gratitude and complete with greetings and emotional expression; thereby, your speech will be sincere.

  1. Bear in mind the general structure.

Don't cram everything. It's a waste of time and sounds like preparation for a literature lesson at school! Just build a structure in your head to not get confused during the speaking and remember all the important mentions.

best man speeches

A best man speech structure

Look at a sample of a ready-made structure. How do you mention everything and not to forget to pronounce the essential things? You shouldn't follow it but think about it during speech preparation.

  • say words of gratitude to the previous speaker (traditionally, it's the groom) for the speech;
  • an epic introduction about friendship or love;
  • pronounce nice things about the bride too;
  • tell funny moments with a couple or groom, mention your friendship story;
  • congratulate the young couple;
  • cite any poem and statements that will conclude your speech;
  • finish your best man toast offering congratulations and drink to the newlyweds.

best man speech length

Best man speech tips (before the moment X)

  1. Think about your wedding toast in advance.

This advice is suitable for all planned tasks. It works best of all. The ideal time to engage in your preparation is at least two months before the event. You are the groom's right hand. So, maybe he will ask you to help with the organizational moments.

  1. Take into account the audience at the wedding.

Clarify the “age structure” of the guests. Will it be a private party with friends or will grandparents be too? Telling secret stories is the wrong decision to make guests laugh. The older generation may not understand your jokes. I don't say that you should not joke and tell funny stories during your toast but think about stories and jokes content.

  1. Don t forget about emotions.

Do not forget about emotions while speech preparing. It should not be a dry, learned text. Mention the moments, thank for the friendship, and for being real. Sincerity is the best gift ever.

  1. Don't be too long.

I mean, your toast should not be for an hour. The wedding is the newlyweds' time, but not for your performance. Guests do not come only to listen to you. Respect other people too.

  1. Ask for an assessment.

Consult a friend or other person you trust to listen to your speaking or just read it aloud (if the text is fully prepared). Just mention the topics you want to say: is it appropriate for every guest to listen to? It is sometimes more visible from the outside.

  1. Consider your dress code.

As you are one of the main people (after the newlyweds, of course) at the event, you should look at it accordingly. Agree that clothing that looks festive and is comfortable for you adds to you more confidence. To select the right attire, read the wedding dress code guide, where you will find answers to all questions.

best man speeches ideas

Best man speech tips (during the speech)

  1. Take it easy.

I see it's difficult to calm down and don't be nervous. But try to imagine that this audience is your friends; you just tell them another amusing story. It's not a popular show that the whole world will see. It's just a family evening at which you have an opportunity to express your emotions and congratulate your friend/brother on the happy event.

  1. Do not put yourself in the lead role.

Yes, it's your time to give a speech, but not about you. Mention exciting stories about other people, but not just about yourself.

  1. Speak loudly.

There are usually many guests at the wedding. So, make sure that everybody hears you. To put it simply, don't mumble. Speak out clearly and to the point.

  1. Prepare another plan.

It's ok that you may forget your prepared words, and nervousness will take over you. Prepare a spare phrase in case something goes wrong. You shouldn't set yourself up for something terrible, but anything can happen, so you should think about it beforehand.

A best man speech length

An ideal time for best man speeches is about 10 min. No more. Do not focus on yourself. It is not your evening, so a toast for half an hour is not our option at all. Don't make the guests bored and pester them. Your function is to add something bright to this enjoyable evening but not to make yourself brighter than the evening. So, 5 minutes is an optimal variant for a best man wedding speech.

Undesirable themes during your best man's speech

  • your negative attitude to marriage in general if you have such;
  • mention of your friend's and his wife's past when they didn't meet each other;
  • stories about “ragers” with your friend;
  • mention of sex/drugs.

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Best man speeches ideas

Here there are some groomsmen speech options. Look at some ideas if you can not think up the texts.

Short best man speech

As French writer Andre Breton said: “Love is when you meet someone who tells you something new about yourself.” This couple revealed each other's best sides. I realized this at the moment my friend told me I loved her. His behavior and attitude towards others was changed beyond recognition. He rejoices at the little things and just enjoys life.

You are both made for each other. After all, if people make each other happy, isn't that an ideal union?

May your feelings never leave your couple.

Best man speech jokes

  • how lucky the couple is! He will leave the evening with the best gift ever-the wife; she will leave the evening with the best gift ever-the wedding dress and flowers;
  • today the memorable night is taking place as I was given a microphone and entrusted with the speech. It's my debut, and I think the last performance;
  • today we are all gathered in this wonderful place to clarify one thing: none of the guests don't seem aware of what I'll say next;
  • hello, everyone. My name is John, and I will give a speech that I wrote 5 minutes ago. So, whether you listen to me or not is your decision;
  • I’d like to mention how lovely and wonderful my friend is, but people advised me to tell the truth and be honest, so here goes...

Best man brother speech

As a child, I couldn't understand why adults had a second child. Maybe they wanted to forget about the first child? But then I grew up and realized how lucky now I am to have a sibling.

I miss the times I taught him how to play football or guitar, the first time I bought him a beer, and how long we talked about girls one summer evening. I'm even more excited about when we get together again to celebrate the birth of a baby or the purchase of a dog.

Today I am delighted to see a smiling brother beside a happy wife.

best man speech tips

I am pleased that we are experiencing all moments together. I thank my parents for giving me a brother one day.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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