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Wedding Garter Simple and Short Guide

A wedding leg garter is a piece of fabric that the bride puts on her leg. At the end of the wedding evening, the groom takes it off and throws it into a bachelor's crowd.

wedding garter belt

Garter belt wedding tradition

Wedding garter history dates back to the Middle Ages. At that time, it was thought that part of the bride's attire was a happy attribute. A part of the bride's dress will help you start a family. That is why guests accompanied the newlyweds even to their bedrooms on their first wedding night so that at least they could snatch a piece of the bride's dress. This wedding garter tradition sounds spectacular and a bit awful. But that was before. Today a bridal garter at a wedding is used as a happy piece. It is believed that the bachelor who caught her at the wedding will soon get married.

Garter belt wedding tradition

Where can I buy a wedding garter?

You can buy wedding leg garters at any wedding accessory shop or order it online. But the best way is to order from a designer to get a handmade garter. You also can make it by yourself (if you take care of it long before the wedding and do not rush anywhere.)

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How to make a wedding garter

To get a diy wedding garter, you should have:

  • elastic ribbon (a lace one is possible);
  • strasses or extra lace (details that you will decorate your main ribbon with);
  • needle and thread;
  • iron or hot fix strasses.

Now let's get to the main work:

  1. Measure your leg above the knee (or the wrist, depending on where you want to place your garter) to cut the ribbon.
  2. Sew on the main central decoration (or any others, depending on your desire or a pre-planned design.)
  3. Use hot fix strasses or iron to attach them to the main ribbon.
  4. Sew the two ends of the ribbon.
How to make a wedding garter

Wedding garter belt FAQs

What is a garter toss?

Garter throwing is a wedding tradition. Its essence is that the groom takes off the bride's garter with his teeth or hands and then throws the garter at the crowd with a bachelor. Whoever catches the bride getting married soon (that's what it's supposed to be.) By the way, it does not have to be a leg. You may put it on your hand too. The groom does not even have to remove it himself. The bride can hand it over to the groom.

 a garter toss

How many garters should a bride have?

Traditionally it is considered one. But imagine the situation: you don't want to give a beautiful garter to bachelors, you want to keep it for yourself. That's why you may have lace wedding garter sets. One you give away, and the other you keep for yourself. Everyone is happy.

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What does the garter cost?

The cost may reach 130$, but the average is about 20-40$. Usually, the more expensive the decorations or the ribbon fabric (silk, for example), the more expensive the garter itself.

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A right or left leg?

It doesn't matter what leg you use to wear the garter. The main thing is to make you feel comfortable during the wedding day. By the way, you may put it in your purse at the beginning of your wedding day and put it in the bathroom on your leg before throwing it.

what leg you use to wear the garter

What style to choose?

You are free to choose from various options: it can be silk or ordinary ribbon; white, “milk” color or with blue elements; decorated with crystals, tinsel, beads, or bows.

Now you are aware of how to use a garter and when this tradition takes place. Today, this tradition is not marked by clear boundaries. Choose any garter belt and put it on the part of your body that is comfortable for you.

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